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See what some of my clients had to say:

“Christi was extraordinary. I think this can be a vulnerable and worrisome project (at least it was for me) to have someone looking in rooms, closets, and drawers of years of accumulated “stuff.” However, she was respectful, reassuring, and thoughtful; although she gave me fabulous ideas, she didn’t push me in any direction about what to keep and where to keep it, and what to let go of. Having Christi help organize our entire house is one of the best and worthwhile decisions I have made. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

-Linda C.

Christi of Bright Space Organizing is amazing! I had recently moved to Oregon and was overwhelmed with the move and starting a new job. I hired Christi to unpack my moving boxes and organize my home. She had so many great ideas and now everything I own has a place and looks lovely! She even took my donations to Goodwill and brought back receipts and took care of my boxes. Hiring an organizer is one of the best things I have done for myself! If you are thinking of hiring an organizer, don't hesitate and contact won't be disappointed! She's the best!

-Kim J.

Christi worked with me for many months on file organization and downsizing.  She is very talented in these areas and aways brought good ideas and the needed supplies into our sessions.  I so much appreciated her help.

Christi is delightful to work with.  She has boundless patience and was undisturbed by my reluctance to file or dispose of unnecessary items.  Thanks to her, I am improving and tossing things out is getting easier.  And I know what to do when clutter starts winning the battle again. I highly recommend Christi. She is a gem!

-Leatrice L.

Christi with Bright Space Organizing has transformed my kitchen! She helped us make our space functional and beautiful and things are organized  in a way that we can maintain them. I’m already planning which space she’ll help us with next. Christi makes an overwhelming project fun and easy. I highly recommend her services.

-Cydney N.

Christi's help with organizing my files has been an extraordinarily positive experience. These files represent several decades, and though I've tried to keep them organized, they have gotten quite fractalized and redundant. Christi first helped me to assess exactly what I have and organize it ALL into categories; then proceed with processing WHERE to keep which categories in order to efficiently move forward with individual processing of each subset. Her focus and sustained energy are simply remarkable -- there is not a wasted moment in a 3-hour session. And she accomplishes this with an attitude of understanding and encouragement, never overbearing, but moving forward gently, with suggestions when needed, and physical help with moving boxes and labeling -- all within a master plan for what to finish in our allotted time. When I encountered items that were not paper files, we processed them, too, and she took with her items I decided to let go -- but not before photographing them for my records. She also provided the receipt from the donation center. In addition, she had suggestions about items that might enhance my organizational process and workspace, and ideas about how to work on my own to keep the momentum of our progress going. She is truly passionate about this work, an intelligent and caring person, and I feel so fortunate to have her "on my team." Worth every bright, shiny nickel! We all need someone like Christi!

-Linda M.

Making a decision to work with a home organizer is a great way to beat procrastination and get ideas you might not have thought of. I am very pleased that I contacted Christi at Bright Spaces Organizing to help me with sorting and organizing my home office files that were overdo for a major shuffle. She's very good at what she does and her rates are reasonable.

-Martha W.

I have known Christi for many years and can personally attest to her honesty, integrity and ability to create beautiful spaces as I’ve seen her do in her own home.   I recently had an emergency situation where I had to create a whole new living space to include my 91 year old mother in a short two week period.  Needless to say, I was overwhelmed especially since I work full time.

Christi came in and within 24 hours had helped me recycle, rearrange and remove a tremendous amount of clutter so I could create this new space to include my mom in our home.  What I most appreciated about Christi was her calm positive attitude. An overwhelming, seemingly impossible task turned out to be a really fun activity.   When my sister arrived with my mom, both were truly amazed at how the space has been transformed.  My sister’s comments  included, “this would be my dream space looking at how beautifully everything had been rearranged, organized and even labeled.”  She also said she would hire her in a minute if Christi was willing to travel out of state.   Thank you Christi!  I look forward to having you help me tackle the outdoor shed in the future:-)

-Carol W.

Christi of Bright Space Organizing helped us sort through our stuff and after we decided what we wanted to keep, organized our area. We were amazed how much more room we had. Christi was positive and friendly as we worked together and someone I readily endorse.

-William C.

We really appreciated Christi’s professionalism, experience, and helpful suggestions. We couldn’t have done this by ourselves. She made the whole thing fun and doable. We are super happy with the results!  Thank you so much!!!

-Dyan M.

I have known Christi for many years.  I had Christi help me organize my storage shed and I am thrilled with the results.  Christi is very knowledgeable and so easy to work with.

-Collie Club of America Breed Education

Thank you, Christi....

We all need help keeping order in our lives.  Most obvious is order of stuff-and-things - where to put this, how to find that, how many of those should we keep.  Mishaps in stuff-order make closets explode, garages bulge, keys disappear, and leave us with too much soy sauce and not enough honey at breakfast.  There is an art to solving stuff-order problems, the art of shelving, labels and lists, stacking and storage, sifting and sorting, keeping and disposing.  The result is efficiency, cleanliness, and comforting knowledge that what you have is what you need.  Christi has mastered this art.  She transforms jumbles and mess into usable spaces to welcoming homes and workplaces.  And she does more.

But there is more.  Misplacing hedge trimmers or toothpaste is one thing, but to lose our place in the order of vital relationships is more profound.  Yet relationships change.  Children leave, friends and colleagues move, pets and loved ones pass away, leaving behind a clutter of things with their own kind of emptiness.  The unused room, barren desk, favorite chair, silent piano, jammies without sleepers, socks without feet, toys and books and jewelry all say, ‘Hold me, keep me!’  Stuff-of-the-past crowds in everywhere, leaving no space to move forward, no place for cherished spirits to inspire new projects, lend vitality and passion to new adventures.  Here Christi is at her best.  When my dear wife Gia passed away I was distraught, nearly broken, smothered in a house brimming over with painful memoires.  I could see no way forward, nowhere to start.  Even an unfinished pill bottle or stuffed toy animal seemed too heavy to move without heartbreak.  But Christi knew how.

There’s an art to harmonizing living space with nature they call Feng Shui in China, Vastu in India, the art of balancing our material and spiritual lives so that vital energies flow without hindrance.  When memories of cherished others cling and tangle in past clutter, they yield only sorrow and longing.  That’s how I felt with Gia gone – blocked, hopeless, helpless.  Then Christi went to work.  First, came the heavy lifting - stacking and folding, storage, rearranging, triage.  Clutter melted.  Then the magic, an accent, hint, touch, here and there, just what was needed.   In the top drawer a broach, a bit of makeup powder, a spritz of favorite perfume.  On the nightstand, old playing cards, a well-read book, fresh cut flowers.  In the closet, her beautiful wedding dress and a business suit, her best jogging outfit and hiking clothes, all with shoes to match.  Everything clean fresh, ready – the sorrowful past was done.  My sweetie’s spirit once more filled our home with joy and energy for new beginnings.

Christi acts with both deliberation and compassion, understands the efficiency and convenience of things, and their deep meanings in our lives.  Elsewhere, Christi is a respected teacher, a sensei, a skilled practitioner of martial arts with many years of experience.  She taught me something, too.  Our loved ones are not gone, only waiting for an uncluttered place to join them and build hope for the future.   Thank you, Christi, for the space and the lesson.  Gia and I are forever grateful.

Richard Mitchell and Gia's good spirit.
Corvallis, Oregon

-Richard M.



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